Legislative Update: What’s In & What’s Out After Bill Crossover Deadline


More than 500 bills holding an impact for NC public schools were filed in the N.C. General Assembly since January 2021. Bill topics include, but are not limited to, expansion of private school vouchers, early childhood literacy reforms, testing and accountability changes, and legislation affecting school financial operations, the state budget and school personnel compensation and benefits. Some bills and their proposed concepts fell by the wayside, at least as free-standing legislation, if they did not “cross over” from their originating chamber into the other by May 13, 2021. NCASA's Advocacy Team, Executive Director Katherine Joyce and Legal Affairs & Policy Manager Elizabeth Yelverton updated attendees on which public school bills moved forward, which did not, and which ones were likely to gain the most legislative attention before lawmakers adjourn the 2021 session later in the summer or early fall. The Advocacy Team also provided information on bills that did not survive the crossover deadline, but still could resurface later, and which bills school leaders should weigh in on to support your schools, students and staff.

DATE/TIME: May 17, 2021; 9:00 - 10:30 A.M.