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STOP!  DO NOT Register as a new member if you are employed by an LEA that is a member. If you are unsure if your LEA is a member please check the rotating list on the main portal page or contact the NCASA officeThe only non-member LEA is Guilford County.
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Type Organization Record
Description District Membership | Purchased by your Central Office at a reduced rate. All administrators in the participating district are covered under the District membership and do not need to purchase an individual membership. District membership cost is based on the number of students in your district. An invoice will be emailed to you with the amount due.  
Membership Cost $0.00
Membership Length 12 month(s)
Membership term effective through: 6/30/2019 Total $0.00
Online Directory 1 online directory category is included with the membership.
Additional Contacts
Affiliates 2 affiliate level contacts are included with the membership.
Representatives 1000 representative level contacts are included with the membership.
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