Legal Consultation Services

The North Carolina Association of School Administrators (NCASA) realizes that school administrators often are exposed to situations in their work that may give rise to legal and policy concerns. When this occurs, NCASA wants to provide the appropriate support and assistance to the school administrators in our membership.

In 2009, NCASA launched a new initiative to provide Legal Consultation Services for member school administrators who are facing legal concerns in their work for public schools or who need guidance on policy implementation or proposals for change. This service is provided as a benefit to NCASA members who are actively employed in an administrative capacity with a North Carolina public school district. The service offers a three-tiered support system that NCASA members may tap for assistance with legal or policy concerns.

Legal Consultation Services Procedure

To access and utilize the NCASA Legal Consultation Services, a member facing legal or policy concerns should contact the NCASA Office at 919-703-2487. These calls for consultation may cover a wide range of issues, including but not limited to public relations, strategic planning, finance, curriculum and personnel concerns. The member will be directed to the appropriate individual on the NCASA Leadership Team who will listen to the concern and recommend the appropriate next steps for member support.